New Teak Decking


A new Teak Decking. We are Teak Flooring Expert! 

It’s the luxurious touch for your yacht; installing a new teak deck is a beautiful and classic choice. We at Carpintero Naval Patrick Klee, have more then 20 years of teak flooring expertise—working with a master carpenter and highly trained teak craftsmen—to ensure the proper teak deck installation. Using teak as your boat flooring choice is also practical due to its natural oil content, resistance to mold and durability in the harshest of elements. Plus, our team works diligently and skillfully to get your vessel back in the water quickly.

We Perform Every Aspect of Your New Teak Deck

From surface preparation to the finished installation, every step in our process is created with efficiency in mind. Our quick turnaround time and level of service are advantages for shipyards as well as yacht owners, boat captains and project managers.

We find that exceptional preparation is the key to success and has a direct impact on the end result. We remove the current teak flooring, then our technicians grind the surface to properly fair and level it. This provides the perfect surface for accepting new teak decks.

After the preparation services aboard the craft, we fabricate the teak deck construction offsite at our own facility or on premise on the boat.

Once installed, we can arrange all the finishing services needed—cleaning, painting and polishing. Refining this process has reduced the margin for errors while speeding up the boat flooring installation process.

Design Services for Custom Yacht Decks

We work directly with you to understand every aspect of your vessel, measuring the yacht in full detail. While on board, we construct an accurate template of your yacht deck to take it back to our workshop to begin construction or start on board installation step by step. We fabricate the teak deck ourselves, the installation and handling of the new deck is masterfully done with every attention to detail captured. Additionally, we conceive solutions for custom cabinetry or tables to maximizing your on board space.



For more example of our teak flooring work, check out our photo gallery.