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Cleaning, Sealing and restoring the colour of your teak deck, without monthly reply?

Teakwood is rich in color and timeless on your boat or garden. Teak wood is treasured as the best suited wood for use aboard boats, as decking on ships and as the choice material for premier outdoor furniture.

However these uses present the harshest of environments.  Over time the sun and weather will cause surface erosion leading to discoloration, mildew, graying etc….

Many people enter our shop with the question how to prevent the teak will go grey without working day and night on the boat cleaning it?

There are a variety of “teak oils” on the market for the protection of teak, these usually consist of linseed or tung oil mixed with mineral spirits.  When first applied to the wood these oils impart a nice finish to the wood, but left outdoors teak oils wear away in weeks and requires re-coating.  With each re-coat the oiled finish becomes darker and the surface becomes sticky and collects dirt.  The organic waste from these oils provides a wonderful garden patch for the growth of mold and mildrew.  In a very short period of time the wood requires a complete re-cleaning.

Varnish, polyurethane and polymer finishes apply a coating to the wood that will eventually be pushed off by the natural teak oil coming to the surface. The owner is then faced with the major job of stripping and sanding the teak before re-finishing.

If teak has been allowed to weather, the grey and any mildew must be removed before finishing the wood.  The cleaning process is harsh on the wood and may contribute to a rough surface if repeated many times.

When teak is newly milled or has been sanded with a mechanical sander the heat from those processes will burnish or polish the natural oils in the wood.  The dust created from sanding teak is very fine and oily, and it will clog the pores of the wood.  These two phenomena cause the “waxy” feeling the wood has when it is new.  This burnished oil and dust must be removed piror to finishing. The finish will not soak into the burnished areas and the dust will absorb the finish and eventually be washed away causing a blotchy appearance.

To clean weathered teak, Carpintero Naval Patrick Klee offers SEMCO Two Part Teak Cleaner.  This product is easy to use and will produce dramatic results.

To preserve the teak in its natural color for an extended period of time, we are proud to offer SEMCO Teak Sealer, SEMCO Teak Sealer is a solvent based teak finish with water like viscosity containing pigments, midewide, UV inhibitors and moisture protection.  SEMCO does not contain silicone, varnish, polymers or exotic oils.

When SEMCO Teak Sealer is properly applied to teak, the wood will look as if it has nothing on it, yet it will not turn gray or support the growth of mildew.  Surface soil can be washed away with mild detergent, and with seasonal recoating the teak will be preserved in its natural state for many years.

If you still have doubts about our work please look at our last project photo (Before and after Semco cleaning and sealing). We cleaned and 2 x sealed this deck. For the coming 6 months there will be no maintenance necessary. After 6 months we will have check on this deck. When the first few grey small spots will disappear (Between 6 months and a year, depends on the weather conditions and cleanings you have done on the deck) we won’t need to clean it again and 2x seal your deck again. We will only have to seal it with one coat for the next 6 months.

For more information about cleaning and sealing your deck (or your terras) please pass by our shop or call us. We will pass by your boat or garden to check the status of the wood. We will do a test so you can right away see the result and offer you a quote to clean and seal your deck.

Important is that if we clean and seal your deck you can’t be walking on your deck for 3 days! So off season will be the right time to do this or during the week…the weekends are of course to enjoy your boat!

Let me remind you of our winter rebate! When you will treat your deck between October and April we will give you a 10% rebate on all working hours!

Hope to see you soon in our shop, have a great summer!

Patrick and Brenda

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Gone Sailing…..

Gone Sailing…. | Patrick Klee | Pulse | LinkedIn

When the temperature rises in Denia to a record in July….the boats are sailing out to enjoy a new summer here at the beautiful Costa Blanca. In this time of the year, we do not think about the maintenance of the boat. No, not at all…we enjoy the summer and navigate to the most beautiful places…that’s on the agenda!

And you are right!

Carpintero Naval is also participating! We will be closed from the 14th of August till the 11th of September. (Only for emergencies you can always call us) but big projects such as for example a new teak deck we won’t do in high-summer. Not only because we also want to enjoy the summer but also because the products in full sun won’t give the quality where we stand for.

After the summer a fresh start! The best time of the year will be winter time to put a new teak deck on your boat, replace joints or do repairs to the deck. The temperature is ideal and also important there is time! The last few years we have noticed that a lot of projects we do are last minute just before the summer starts.

You should know that this is a huge challenge for us every year. Also the last few years the projects are getting bigger and bigger. To maintain the quality of the work we want to deliver but also to guarantee the time/planning we are trying to get the work from “Last minute” to the winter time. So not from March till July but from October till February.

After you have enjoyed the summer with some beautiful memories with your boat you will have a fresh memory of what needs to be done for maintenance on your boat. After the summer we have time to visit your boat with you to make a rapport about the condition your boat is in. What is the quality of your teak deck? What maintenance has to be done on your boat this winter? We will advice you about all the work what needs to be done.

Just to make sure that not like last years all the maintenance will be done last minute before summer, we decided to give you this winter 2017/2018 a free maintenance rapport for your teak deck incl. a rebate of 10% when you approve the maintenance rapport to be done between October and February.

For more information you can give Patrick a call or pass by the shop. We are open from Monday till Saturday in the morning from 9.30-13.30 hours.

Un Saludo but most of all have a nice summer!

Enjoy the summer and we hope to see you in the winter, t get your boat on track again for the next beautyful summer to come!

Patrick y Brenda