Bostik Marine Partner Spain 2016-2021/2022

Carpintero Naval Patrick KleeBostik Marine Partner Spain 2016-2021/2022


Bostik – Marine Industry

Simson’s products conform to the highest standards of quality and have been tested and certified by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) specifically for marine applications. The IMO certificate guarantees constant product quality as well as excellent fire retardant properties.

CONSTRUCTION ADHESIVES Simson high-strength construction adhesives meet strict quality requirements for the marine sector regarding initial tack, setting time and viscosity. As they are also resistant to UV radiation and the influence of salt and fresh water, they are perfect for hull-to-deck connections, bulkheads, keel bondings, partition walls, bollards, railings, bumpers and as sealants.

WINDSCREEN ADHESIVES Simson SMP-based adhesives guarantee excellent bonding of safety glass, laminated glass, double glazing, PMMA, polycarbonate and other materials used for applying windscreens, sunroofs, port windows and portholes.

TEAK DECKS The Simson SMP-based system for teak decks is regarded as one of the world’s best for applying and caulking teak decking. With flexible, UV-resistant products that are highly resistant to salt and fresh water, this integrated system covers everything from pre-treatment to liquid adhesives and deck caulks, for a durable, problem-free teak deck.

INTERIORS Bostik also offers a wide range of wood adhesives, contact adhesives, sanitary sealants, etc. optimised for solving the needs of limited space in modern yachts and ships.

The main advantages :

• NEVER gas bubbles in the cured sealant
( Sika had a lot of problems with that )
• NO discolouration : even the black kit REMAINS black!
• NO aging: remains ten years, all smooth and crack-free .
• HUGE temperature and chemical / diesel resistance.
• FREE of plasticizers (touch nothing )
• NO ( <1%) nakrimp .
• FULL guaranteed when correctly applied.



There are three types MSR Gleu. Simson MSR BC, Bedding Coumpound: Additional elastic sealant for bonding strokes. Simson MSR DC, Deck Caulk: Additional UV resistant gleu deckseams. Simson MSR CA, Construction Adhesive: Adhesives for general work.

Primers, with these adhesives there needs to be a primer. Primers improve not only the adhesion but also helps to prevent air pockets.

There are two types of MSR primers. Primer M: (M of metal) for non – absorbent substrates such as metal. Primer P: (P porous ) for absorbent substrates such as wood and stone.

The cleaner, It seems so simple … but make something clean with thinner or benzine – and then with a white cloth with cleaner MSR : the cloth is still black! Clean with MSR cleaner is essential for a perfect bonding!


Prices: Click here for our price list of sealants and primers.
Order: Please send an email to and we will send you a free quote
Advanced info Adhesives: The deck seams manufacturer has a gorgeous PDF brochure about the laying and inrubberen of teak decking . Click here to download the brochure. (in dutch)

A few tips:deck

• In theory, primers and sealants can be used above 5 degrees. In practice, the best results are achieved at temperatures between 18 and 28 degrees.
• Particularly absorbent substrates should always be primed. The primer of the one part flows into the pores and on the other hand melt later together with the kit. (Chemical bonding) for priming the surface must be dry, clean and free of grease. Samson has previously MSR Cleaner. (Take the acid test: Clean something with for example gasolina, and then with a white cloth with Simson Cleaner. You will see that there still remain dirt tracks on the canvas.)
• Condensation is disastrous for the adhesion of the primer and sealant. Working in cold weather in a heated room.
• The maximum pressure for a compressed air sprayer is 3 bar, otherwise there is a risk of air pockets.
• The gluing wood may not be wetter than about 15%.
• The kit also excellent adhesion on hands and tools. Only if the kit is fresh it can be removed with MSR cleaner or thinner. Unopened is a tube approximately 1-2 year shelf life. Opened less, depending on temperature and humidity. (Moisture accelerates the cure – the cure often begins in the mouth and then regret pulling inward)

Tip: An opened nozzle can be properly sealed with masking tape.