Let me introduce myself again…..

Carpintero Naval, has grown these years to a High quality teak business in Denia and is also sinds Juli 2015 the first distributer of Bostik Marine products in Spain. Patrick Klee as a Carpenter Specialized in Marine started 15 years ago, today it’s grown in high season with 5-6 people working full time on teak decks, having a shop in Denia for meeting each other, selling quality wood and Bostik Marine glue products with all quality at number one! Please do not hesitate to pass by and meet Patrick or Brenda at the shop where you can also find and buy all products of teak to be used in the Marine world!

But Bostik…..who is Bostik?

Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets. For more then a century, we haven been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape our daily lives. To ensure the seaworthiness of any vessel, Bostik offers a variety of elastic bonding adhesive/sealant systems that provide exceptional weather and water-resistant properties. The range of marine products has been engineered for high performance elastic bonding and sealing of marine plywood, aluminium, fiberglass and other composite materials used in building marine vessels. What can I offer you as Bostik Marine Distributor Spain…

Bostik marine sealants form a very durable, elastomeric waterproof seal for applications above and below the waterline. Some of these products offer excellent UV resistance and will not shrink, chalk or crack over time. In most cases, surface pre-treatment is not required, which means a reduction in production time, costs, and environmental/VOC concerns. All Bostik marine sealants are easy to use, easy to sand and paint, non-gassing products that stand up to the harshest marine environments. Used for permanent bonding or sealing or for service and repair, applications including sealing deck hardware and hatches, doors and portholes, deck to hull assembly, through-hull fittings and seams, keel joints and under-moldings, and bedding navigational equipment.

A note from Patrick:

I Believe in: Surprising and modern lattice with traditional knowledge!

Carpintero Naval is 100% committed to creating everything with wood, first class products, experience and innovative solutions. We do custom build renovations and design work with wood. Because we think in the Marine world only the best of the best needs to be used I would like to expand the Bostik Marine world in Spain.  There for I would like to introduce myself again after years of Carpintero Naval now as Bostic Distributor 2015. I’ts important to share knowledge and make the market of smart adhesive better for the Marine world here in Spain. Follow us on www.carpinteronaval.es or on LinkedIn and let us know what you think about our products. Your feedback makes us better.

Thanks, Patrick Klee