For sale

For Sale

For our clients we sell their boats as well. We know often the whole history of the boat and can advise you about the maintenance and also specifications of the boat.

In our shop we have got a:

Wood strip Seawolf Kayak

This ‘Seawolf’ kayak is built to a design by Newfound Woodworks, Boston, USA and constructed in Jalon by John Gilburt.
It is built using strip wood construction on a bem and frames. Woods are western red cedar, Spanish cedar with ash trims. The wolfs head is ebony inlaid in maple. The hull and decks are laminated in matting and epoxy resin and finished in clear varnish. Length: 5.5 mts. Weight: 20kgs. Build time: 3 months. Price: € 4600,00 € 3950,00

A Henry Rasmussen antique wooden boat:

la foto

Hansa Jolle. Hull type: Keel/Cbrd. Rig type: Fractional Sloop. LOA: 19.19’/ 5.58m LWL: 15.91’/ 4.85m. Beam: 5.41’/ 1.65m Listed SA: 151 ft2 / 14.03 m2. Draft (max) 3.28’/ 1.00m. Draft (min) 1.64′ / 0.50 Disp. 1212 lbs. / 550 kgs. Ballast: 331 lbs. / 150kgs. SA/Disp.: 21.30 Bal./Disp.: 27.27% Disp./Len.: 134.35. Designer: Henry Rasmussen. Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen. Construct.: Wood Bal. Type first built: 1947 last built, Builders (past & present). Price: € 12.500,-

New arrival in the shop spring 2017: