Teak Deck Sanding and Detailing

Teak Deck Sanding and Detailing

Whilst incredibly resilient and hardy, teak is not immune from the negative effects of the elements and/or overuse of aggressive teak cleaners. These aggressive cleaners, remove pulp from the grain, soften caulk seams and significantly reduce the health and longevity of a teak deck. Over the course of time, as teak ages; its natural golden hue weathers to a silvery gray appearance. For these reasons, teak deck sanding and detailing is required periodically in order to maintain its natural, aesthetically pleasing golden color.

As indicated above, exposure to the elements can take its toll on your decks, as can the use of aggressive two part acid cleaners, which lead to the premature aging and/or weathering of your decks. Although teak is not immune to neglect, it is incredibly resilient and can be brought back to life; even after sustained periods of abuse. Therefore, there is no reason to accept or settle for drab, weathered and unsightly teak decks on your vessel. Unlike most other woods, the weathered grey patina of teak rarely extends much below the surface of the wood. As such, with a little care and attention, teak can be restored to its luxurious golden appearance.

Teak deck sanding is an important and useful method of maintaining your decks, it is of course important to bear in mind that you should not sand your decks each and every time it loses it luscious appearance. Needless to say, over sanding will also compromise the thickness and longevity of your decks.

We Help Rejuvenate Your Teak Deck to Its Original Luster

Our teak deck sanding experts can remove the exact amount of surface needed to bring back the original color and luster of your decks, whilst reducing the width of the open grain and thereby extending its life and overall appearance. We do not recommend sanding your decks unless absolutely necessary. For example, as your deck ages, you may find that the caulk seams protrude which causes water to trap in those areas. You may also find that the grain of the wood becomes exposed, which may result in damage and/or compromise the integrity of the deck itself. In this instance, we would cut back the caulk and sand the decks, thereby restoring the golden appearance of the deck, closing the grain and leveling the caulk seams. At this time, you will be able to see if any caulk repairs or plug repairs are required. Ultimately, we certainly would not advocate sanding your decks more than once every couple of years or so. Once sanded, we will further protect and prolong the appearance of your decks by applying a professional grade teak sealer. 

Proper Teak Deck Sanding Equipment

It is important to ensure that the right equipment is being used whenever someone is sanding your teak decks. Unprepared or equipped personnel can cause irreparable damage to your teak by simply using equipment that is not fit for the purpose at hand. At Teak Marine USA, we pride ourselves in having the right tools for the job. We utilize a variety of equipment, including; but not limited to Festool sanders and vacuums, Lagler TRIO Three Disc Floor Sanding Machine, amongst others. In this regard, we are continually investing in equipment specially designed for the purpose of sanding teak decks. Our sanders are vacuum attached thus minimizing the amount of dust. The benefit of this is that it allows other work to be carried out with minimal interruption.

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