Simson Prep G plus MB 250 ML/C12


The Simson Industrial Special Range is a range of high tech quality products especially developed for industrial applications. Product Prep G has been developed as a black pretreatment for use on glass, not having a ceramic coating, in order to provide a UV-protecting coat, before applying special adhesives for bonding glass (also PMMA and PC) in the automotive, bus, ship and railway industries. Applications  Pretreatment of glass substrates without ceramic coating.  Repair of damaged paint layers on metallic supports. Method of use The substrate should be clean, firm, dry and dust- and grease free. Cleaning of the substrates can be done with e.g. Simson Cleaner 14 or Simson Cleaner I. A small trial before application whether the cleaners will not attack the substrate is recommended. Keep the packaging of Prep G well closed until the moment of use. Prep G reacts with the humidity of the air. Shake bottle before use. Do not re-use a previously opened bottle. For the application of Prep G always use a clean brush, roller or felt applicator. The primer should be applied in one strike. Application temperature between +5°C and +30°C. Do not use when condensation is formed (high air humidity and cold substrates). Prep G should dry for at least 5 minutes. Apply the adhesive within 24 hours.

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