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The Simson Industrial Special Range is a range of high tech quality products especially developed for industrial applications. Product Prep P is a liquid pretreatment for improving the adhesion of several Simson products on porous substrates. Consult the technical information leaflet of the particular product. Applications  Pretreatment of mineral substrates, such as brickwork, concrete and lightweight concrete.  Pretreatment of wooden substrates (such as seams in teakwood ship decks). Method of use Substrates should be clean, firm, dry and dust- and grease free. Substrates may be cleaned with Simson Cleaner E. Keep the packaging well closed until the moment of use. Do not use Prep P direct from the original packaging. Pour as much Prep P into a clean glass or tin as can be used within 30 minutes and immediately close the original tin firmly. Use always a clean brush for the application of Prep P. Apply Prep P to the adhesion surface only in such a way, that Prep P forms a continuous coat or film. Prep P should be applied in a thin coat. Do not apply Prep P on already dried product. The application temperature may vary from +5°C till +30°C. The minimum drying time of Prep P is 60 minutes. Best results are obtained when the bonding/sealing will be realised within 6 hours after applying Prep P. Therefore do not apply more Prep P than can be sealed within 6 hours. Avoid contact with the cleaned and pretreated surfaces because greasy fingers can cause a bad adhesion. Also, condensation can negatively influence the adhesion. It is not recommended to use Prep P and to seal the joints during very high air humidity, for example during fog.

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