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Product Simson Prep M is a one-step pretreatment for the improvement of the adhesion on closed substrates of several specific Simson products, based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). Consult the Technical Data Sheet of the particular product. Applications v Pretreatment of plain aluminium, steel, copper and brass surfaces. v Pretreatment of powder coated metals. v Pretreatment of lacquered metals (first make a test on the substrate to check possible effects). v Pretreatment of polyester (GRP). v Pretreatment of ABS. v Pretreatment of PVC. Features v Fast drying; approximately 5 minutes. v Easy to use one-step process. v Efficient in use. Method of use The substrates should be clean, dry, dust- and grease free. Keep the packaging well closed until the moment of use. Do not use Prep M direct from the original packaging. Pour as much Prep M in a clean glass or tin as can be used within 30 minutes and immediately close the original tin firmly. Prep M should not be applied in too thick a coat. Firmly rub the surface by means of a clean, colour free cloth or tissue paper, wetted with Prep M. In this way the surfaces will be cleaned and pretreated in one operation. After a drying time of approximately 5 minutes (solvent should be evaporated) the sealant or adhesive can be applied. Best results are obtained when the bonding/sealing will be realised within 6 hours after applying of Prep M. Therefore do not apply more Prep M than can be sealed within 6 hours. Avoid contact with the pretreated surface, because this can cause bad adhesion. Note 1: Prep M should not be applied on those areas which have to be painted afterwards, due to the bad paint compatibility of Prep M. In this case only apply Prep M on that area where the sealant or adhesive will be applied by use of e.g. masking tape (however it is possible to remove residues of Prep M afterwards from the cleaned surfaces by use of e.g. Simson Cleaner 14, Simson Liquid 1 or Simson Cleaner I). Test the substrate in advance to check possible effects. Note 2: If a surface is strongly contaminated clean first with e.g. Cleaner 14. It is recommended to make a trial first to check possible attack of the substrate by Cleaner 14.

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