MSR Bedding Compound 600ML White (Saussage)


Product Description:
MSR Bedding Compound is a one component; permanently elastic, fast curing adhesive/sealant based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP).  MSR Bedding Compound has been approved for use in wall, ceiling and floor applications.

*- Solvent and isocyante free
*- Very good UV resistance and ageing properties; long time resistance against fresh and salt water
*- Neutral, odourless and fast curing
*- Has sound and vibration deadening properties

Typical Applications:
As a bedding compound between;
*- Steel and aluminium
*- Polyester and/or wooden decks and teak strokes
*- Also suitable for bonding/sealing watertight plywood sub-deck on steel, aluminium, polyester or wooden sub-deck

In general, MSR Bedding Compound adheres well without primer on clean, dry, dust and grease free substrates;
*- Aluminium
*- Lacquered wood
*- Polyester (GRP)
In extreme environmental circumstances, like high thermal or mechanical loads with high humidity levels, the use of Simson Primer P on wooden substrates and Simson Primer M on closed metal surfaces is recommended

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