Liquid 1


Product Simson Liquid 1 is a thin liquid cleaning agent for surfaces and tools especially to remove fresh remains of primers, sealants and adhesives. Applications v Cleaning of fresh remains of primer- and adhesive remains on cladding panels. v Cleaning of fresh remains of bituminous roof sealant (Simson Elastoroof). Features Non-aggressive cleaner which -generally speaking- does not attack surfaces of cladding panels. Method of use Rub the surfaces firmly with a clean colour free cloth soaked in Liquid 1. If the surfaces are still very contaminated repeat once more. Note: Test on a small scale if the surfaces are resistant to the volatile contents of Liquid 1. Especially plastics and lacquers may be damaged. Application temperature: +5°C till +30°C. Drying time: At least 10 minutes drying time is recommended. After cleaning the surfaces with Liquid 1 please check if Liquid 1 has evaporated completely.

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