Fireseal S 310ML White (Cartridge)


Product Simson FireSeal S(ilicone) is a fire-retardant, neutral curing silicone sealant. Applications Suitable for both inside and outside applications in building construction, ship/yacht building and industry. For sealing (connection) joints, around window frames, outlets through walls and floors of pipes, cables, ventilation ducts etc. and as glazing sealant. Features v Solvent free and free of halogenated additives. v Permanently elastic. v Good UV- and weather resistant. v Tested on fire resistance by a.o. TNO and Warrington. v Complies to DIN 4102 class B1. v Tested according to IMO-resolution A.687 (17). Method of use Substrates: Substrates must be solid, clean, dry and dust- and grease/oil free. On porous substrates such as concrete, cellular concrete, gypsum and fibre cement Simson Primer MSP is recommended. On bare metals such as anodised aluminium, stainless steel, galvanised steel, copper, lead and zinc the use of Simson Prep M is recommended. Joint construction: Requirements to the joint construction should be at least the same – as far as fire resistance is concerned – as requirements to the total (wall)construction. The fire resistance of the joint construction can be increased considerably by sealing the joint both sides. To increase the fire resistance it is better to use non flammable materials such as mineral wool or ceramic cord or blanket instead of regular backing foam. The joint depth of expansion joints should be roughly 2/3rd of the joint width. Both depth and width should be at least 6 mm. Application: Extrude FireSeal S to the backing material with a hand- or air pressure gun. Tooling: Because of skin forming press the sealant to the sides of the joint within 10 minutes with a spatula or pointing trowel and smoothen immediately. A light soap solution prevents sticking of the sealant to the tool. Avoid penetration of soap solution between sealant and joint wall, because this can create loss of adhesion. Cleaning: Cured sealant is not soluble and can be removed mechanically only (e.g. with a razor blade or by sanding). Combustibility Low flammable as per DIN 4102 Class B1 in applications in (max. 40 mm wide) joints between solid mineral building materials.

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