Cleaner I


Product Simson Cleaner I is a preparation agent, ideally suitable for cleaning and degreasing substrates for bonding or sealing with specific Simson products. Consult Technical Data Sheet of the particular product. Applications  Cleaning and degreasing of ceramic coated glass.  Cleaning and degreasing of plastic.  Cleaning and degreasing of closed substrates (consult Bostik for more information).  Removing uncured sealant and adhesive, based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) from substrates and tools. Method of use The substrates should be firmly rubbed with a clean, colourless cloth, wetted with Cleaner I. In case the substrate is strongly contaminated repeat this once more. Note: It is recommended to make a trial in advance on a small piece, to check whether the substrate will not be affected by Cleaner I. Drying time: It is recommended to allow a drying time of 5 minutes (at 20ºC/50% R.V.). In case of any doubt please consult Bostik.

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