Cleaner 14


Product Simson Cleaner 14 is a thin liquid product for cleaning and degreasing substrates before sealing or bonding with specific Simson products. Consult the Technical Data Sheet of the particular product. Applications v Cleaning and degreasing of closed substrates. v Removing uncured sealant- and adhesive remains on substrates and tools. Method of use Substrates must be dry. Firmly rub the substrates with a clean, colourless cloth or tissue paper wetted with Cleaner 14. In case the substrate is strongly contaminated repeat this once more. Replace the cloth when it becomes dirty. Avoid contamination in the tin. Always close the tin immediately after use. Only pre-treat as much surfaces that can be sealed or bonded within 6 hours. Application temperature: between +5°C and +30°C. Drying time: after a drying time of 5 minutes the sealant or adhesive can be applied. Note: It is recommended to make a trial in advance on a small piece to check whether the substrate will be affected by Cleaner 14. Plastics and lacquers can be especially sensitive.

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